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The State Snapshots Data Mart provides a snapshot view of states and outlying areas by providing reports combining data from the Agricultural Census, CRIS, FS-RBAIS and the U. S. Census. The reports focus on research emphasis and expenditures from CRIS and add selected data from the other sources. Click here for State Snapshots and links.


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The Agricultural Research, Extension, and Education Reform Act of 1998 (AREERA) amended the Smith-Lever Act, the Hatch Act, and the National Agricultural Research, Extension, and Teaching Policy Act of 1977 (the funding authorities for Extension and Research activities) to require approved Plans of Work from Extension and Research in order to receive federal funding. 

State Accomplishments for the Formula Grants, 2007 Annual Report

2007 Annual Report Statistical Summary

2007 Annual Report Outcomes by NIFA Portfolio and Knowledge Areas

Click here for FY 2007 to date AREERA Plans of Work and Annual Reports of Accomplishments and Results

Click here for FY 2000 to FY 2006 AREERA Plans of Work and Annual Reports of Accomplishments and Results


CRIS Reports
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Current Research Information System (CRIS) is the U.S. Department of Agriculture's (USDA) documentation and reporting system for ongoing agricultural, food and nutrition, and forestry research. Click here for CRIS Reports.



FS-RBAIS Reports

The USDA Forest Service - There are two data marts in REEIS for the Forest Service. The first contains data for 2003-2005 reported via The Current Research Information System (CRIS). The second contains data form 1996-2002 collected via the Research Budget Attainment Information System (FS-RBAIS). FS-RBAIS tracked USDA Forest Service Research Station budgets for research and development activities from their initial planning to the compilation of the final figures, but does not track current year obligations and expenditures. Click here for USDA Forest Service Reports.