The REEIS Homepage now contains a visual "Heat" map of the United States, which allows the user to quickly view a myriad of information for projects receiving NIFA funding. The US states and territories are shaded in proportion to the data being measured, and a mouse click on each state will display a bubble with details. Within the bubble, clicking on the link labeled Snapshot for [STATE], Fiscal Year [YEAR] will bring you to the State Snapshot page. For example, clicking on Snapshot for Maryland, Fiscal Year 2009, will display the page for Maryland with 2009 statistics.


Formula Expenditure Dollars.

This measure is used for NIFA formula projects only. Formula projects are projects with NIFA state partner institutions that use funds from one of NIFAs grant programs that are awarded on a formula that is partially based on state population and other factors. See http://www.nifa.usda.gov/business/awards/formula.html for further information

Grant Obligation Dollars.

This measure is used for NIFA non-formula projects only. Non-formula projects are awarded either by competitive or special grant provisions.

Combined Dollars.

This measure is the combined total of Formula Expenditure Dollars and Grant Obligation Dollars.

Data Sources

NIFA Current Research Information System (CRIS).

For the years 2002-2009:

  1. Project Count
  2. Scientist FTEs
  3. Formula Expenditure Dollars
  4. Grant Obligation Dollars
  5. Combined Dollars

United States Census 2000.

These data are included to provide a method for "adjusting" or "Normalizing" CRIS data based on relative population:

  1. Population (total population for a state)
  2. Rural Population (only the total rural population for a state)
  3. Grant Obligation Dollars per 1,000 Population (uses total state population)
  4. Formula Expenditure Dollars per 1,000 Population (uses total state population)
  5. Combined Dollars per l,000 Population

USDA Census of Agriculture 2002.

These data from the National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) are included for comparison purposes:

  1. Acres of Farmland
  2. Market Value of all Farm Products