With CYFAR, REEIS has implemented a multiple selection feature for some reports. While it requires a bit more work to use, this feature allows users more capability than we have previously been able to offer to REEIS users. In most REEIS reports, users are allowed one choice from drop down lists associated with reports. There may be multiple dropdown lists so that the user can specify, for example one year and one delivery method for a report, but users could not request a report for one year and two delivery methods. With multiple selection, users can now, for example, create a list of delivery methods and get one report to show data for all of the delivery methods on the list (e.g., 4-H Clubs, Advisory Group, CD ROM). In the past, 3 three reports would have been needed to get the data for the three delivery methods. Welcome to multiple selection! Instructions for use follow.

The CYFAR source system utilizes our new multiple selection feature for four reports:

  1. Trends in Delivery Method Project Counts
  2. Impact of CYFAR Program Contents
  3. Impact of CYFAR Delivery Methods
  4. Trends in Program Content Usage per Year

This new feature will appear as a new ‘Hide ParametersParameters’ section at the top of each of these reports. In this section is the title of a drop down list (from the ‘Hide ParametersData’ section) followed by the list of values (in bold) that will be included in the report. Also in this section is an “Edit Parameters” button in the upper right corner. To use the multiple selection feature, perform the following steps:

1) Select the “Edit Parameters” button. This will direct you to the “Edit Parameters” page.

2) Click on the flashlight icon to select your values (i.e. 4-H Clubs), and the “Search and Select” pop-up window will appear.

3) In the “Results” area of the screen (lower part of screen), use one of the following methods to make your selection of values from the “Available Values” box:

  1. Repeatedly, click (select) one value at a time from the “Available Values” box and then click on the “Move” button to move each value to the “Selected Values” box
  2. Select multiple values from the “Available Values” box by a) clicking on one value, b) holding the Ctrl button on your keyboard while clicking on additional values with your mouse, c) and then clicking “Move” to move all selected values to the “Selected Values” box.
  3. Click on the “Move All” button to move all the values in the “Available Values” box to the “Selected Values” box.

Note: The “Available Values” box will only display 50 values at a time. If there are over 50 values for a report, you must select the “Next” button below the “Available Values” box to view more, or remaining, values for the report.

If you would like to limit the number of values in the “Available Values” box (e.g., only include values that contain the word ‘school’ in them), enter a value in the “Search by” field by selecting a filter option “e.g., ‘contains’”, enter a word or text in the next box, select the “Case Sensitive” box if your request is case sensitive, and hit “Go.”

4) If you have entered a selection erroneously, you can remove each value one by one, remove all values, or multiple select values to remove, by using the “Remove” and “Remove All” buttons.

5) Now choose “Cancel” or “Select.” The “Cancel” button will cancel all of your selections and will close the “Search and Select” pop-up window. The “Select” button will return you to the “Edit Parameters” page were your selections will now appear in the box next to the flashlight icon.

6) Select the “Apply” button. Your selections are applied to the report.