REEIS relies on data from several sources to provide its reports. Important facts have been gathered about each of these source systems in order to assist you in determining whether the data will meet your information needs and to provide a context for understanding the most appropriate uses of the data.
The table below includes some important facts about the systems history, the data that is available in the system, the means by which the data is collected, and any special circumstances of conditions that affect the collection, processing, and reporting of that data.

Source System: Research Budget Attainment Information System (RBAIS)

REEIS does not create any data found in the Forest Service - Research Budget Attainment Information System (FS-RBAIS). REEIS only imports the data. Data values are not changed.
The Forest Service - Research Budget Attainment Information System (FS-RBAIS) is managed by the USDA Forest Service's Research and Development Department.
FS-RBAIS performs the following functions: Support/maintain research information and problem information on research activities at different levels and describe results at those levels; Identify personnel responsible for research units, and research activities; Track research progress; Maintain research results; Provide attainment information to Current Research Information System (CRIS) and to Washington Office Station at request; Support/maintain budget information; and Maintain research program/Work Units per station.
Nine research stations report to the FS-RBAIS system. These include: 1. Forest Product Laboratories (FPL) 2. International Institute of Tropical Forestry (IITF) 3. Northcentral Research Station (NC) 4. Northeastern Research Station (NE) 5. Pacific Northwest Research Station (PNW) 6. Pacific Southwest Research Station (PSW) 7. Rocky Mountain Research Station (RMRS) 8. Southeastern Research Station (SRS) 9. Research & Development (WO)
Scientists associated with the research stations are continually entering data into their local FS-RBAIS application and periodically every month the data will be pulled from the research stations using Oracle database links and SQL*Net into the Washington Office, where the data is processed.
The FS-RBAIS application is installed on the scientist's (primary users of the system) remote workstations and collects the data that is entered.
The FS-RBAIS system contains two modules, an Attainment sub-system and a Budget sub-system.
Budget information stored in FS-RBAIS is integrated into budgets at the Research Unit, Station, and national levels.
Attainment information stored in FS-RBAIS is reported at a national level.
The FS-RBAIS data covers the time period of 1994 to 2002 and is updated in Washington Office database on an annual basis.