The Forest Service - Research Budget Attainment Information System (FS-RBAIS) tracks USDA Forest Service Research Station budgets for research and development activities from their initial planning to the compilation of the final figures, but does not track current year obligations and expenditures (that is done by the USDA National Finance Center and the new Financial Management Information System, FMIS). The system also provides the means to document research results as well as record any publications associated with the research.

The ORACLE database is available at all research stations and is designed to enable local scientists to enter and update information about their research activities. FS-RBAIS provides the ability to:

  • Describe research activities and document the results of that research.
  • Document and track the two-year budget development process related to the research.
  • Identify personnel responsible for conducting and managing the research activities.
  • Provide attainment (i.e., accomplishment) information to the Current Research Information System (CRIS), a USDA sponsored system located in Washington, D.C.

FS-RBAIS is being phased out. In the future, CRIS will become the primary means of data collection for Forest Service research activity descriptions, expenditures, and attainment information.

FS-RBAIS research data is now available via the web-based USDA Research, Education, and Economics Information System (REEIS).

Subject Areas

FS-RBAIS collects information in the following areas:

  • Forest Fire and Atmospheric Sciences Research
  • Forest Insect and Disease Research
  • Forest Inventory and Analysis and Renewable Resources Economic Research
  • Forest Products and Harvesting Research
  • Forest Recreation and Related Amenities Research
  • Timber Management Research
    Watershed Management and Rehabilitation Research ,>

Data Collection

FS-RBAIS data collection is organized into three areas: budget, attainment, and system administration. The budget management portion of FS-RBAIS consists of forms for defining budget information. These forms are available under the Unit Management and Budget Reports sections. The attainment management portion consists of forms for defining project attainment information. These forms are available under the Research, Attainment Reports, and CRIS sections. The system administration portion consists of forms for adding and deleting entries in the ORACLE tables that are used to build and maintain the budget and attainment data. These forms are available under the Information Management, Budget Reports, Attainment Reports, Scientist Reports, and Role Management sections.

System Management and Contact Information

Contact the REEIS Data Manager for any questions or issues regarding FS-RBAIS data.

Attn: Edward Kane

Information Systems Technology Management (ISTM)

1400 Independence Avenue, S.W.

Mail Stop 2292

Washington, D.C. 20250